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DINPi – DIN Rail Mount for Raspberry Pi

DINPi Animated

Created for use with some of our home automation HATs, DINPi allows plug and play connection for Raspberry Pi add-on boards in a DIN rail mountable package. Multiple boards can be daisy-chained to create an array of connected HATs or pHATs. Simply solder whichever headers / sockets you require for your project.

Multiple Uses

DINPi Array

DINPi can be used in a number of ways depending on your requirements. The “ribbon cable” style board design allows DINPi boards to be used in reverse or upside down without issue. The mirrored pinout (see below) allows multiple boards to be connected together using right-angle headers & sockets and can also be used to mount a Raspberry Pi upside-down while maintaining correct GPIO pinout.

Build Your Own


DINPi is open hardware, you can order the PCBs directly from our board manufacturer; PCBWay. We earn a small kickback if you sign-up using this link.
Order your DINPi boards here. You can customise the board colour, surface finish etc.

Alternatively you can buy a DINPi from us.

Device Compatibility

DINPi is fully compatible with all 40-way Raspberry Pi models and clones.

Device ModelCompatibility
Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+/B/B+✔️
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B✔️
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B/B+✔️
Raspberry Pi 4✔️
Raspberry Pi Zero✔️
Asus Tinker Board✔️
Orange Pi✔️

Parts List

Parts are included in kits & assembled units, optional parts are not included.

  • 2×20 pin header – For mounting HATs / pHATs
  • 2×20 pin 90 degree header
  • 2×20 pin 90 degree socket
  • DIN rail adaptor (Phoenix Contact 1201578 or generic) – x2
  • Optional: 2×20 pin socket – For mounting Raspberry Pi upside down

Gerber Files

You can download the Gerber files for DINPi here.


Additional information

Plain PCB, Kit or Assembled

Plain PCB, Solder Yourself Kit, Assembled


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