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Stackable HATs have become the de facto standard in the Raspberry Pi community, but stacking HATs together can make them difficult to get to, awkward to maintain and can lead to excessive heat build-up.

The HAT RACK solves this by separating the stack into an easier to manage array. Each board is connected together in parallel which is perfect for I2C based HATs such as our 30A Relay HAT or Raspberry Pi’s Sense HAT. The plug & play design allows you to create tidy, professional looking setups easily!

New for 2021: HAT RACK now has a little brother! The HAT RACK Mini.


  • Connect 3 HATs or 6 pHATs
  • Plug & play Raspberry Pi or Pi Zero
  • Daisy chain multiple boards
  • DIN rail mountable
  • Optional external 5V DC power input
  • Smoothing capacitor provides stable supply
  • BCM pin numbering
  • Gold flash plated connectors

A single Raspberry Pi can be mounted upside down. No need for ribbon cables, just plug & play! Available as a kit, simply solder whichever headers / sockets you require for your project. Or buy an assembled unit with all the parts pre-installed.

External Powering

You can optionally externally power your boards. This may be necessary when using lots of HATs or pHATs as the Raspberry Pi may not be able to supply enough power to them. This will depend on the HATs being used. Low-power HATs can be daisy chained several times before external powering becomes necessary.

Device Compatibility

The HAT RACK is fully compatible with all 40-way Raspberry Pi models and clones.

Device ModelCompatibility
Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+/B/B+✔️
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B✔️
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B/B+✔️
Raspberry Pi 4✔️
Raspberry Pi Zero✔️
Asus Tinker Board✔️
Orange Pi✔️

Connecting multiple HATs from different manufacturers can introduce pin conflicts which prevent your boards from working correctly. This usually only happens with HATs which are not designed to stack.



  • UL 796 certified manufacturer
  • RoHS compliant (lead free)
  • CE marked

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Weight250 g
Plain PCB, Kit or Pack

Plain PCB, Solder Yourself Kit, Assembled


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